83-063 Light Duty 5" Rotary Brush

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5" Light-Duty Speedy Drill Brush is for light duty scrubbing of cloth or vinyl convertible roofs and gently cleaning and scrubbing of carpet and upholstered seats. Bristles are gentle enough for delicate surfaces yet still enough to dislodge old stains. For home use - light scrubbing and cleaning of countless applications in the home.

  • Cordless power drill chucks that grip onto the brush shank tightly for a secure hold while spinning at high speeds
  • Light duty plastic base plate for durability
  • Durable white polypropylene bristles are attached securely for light scrubbing
  • Saves time and energy
  • Features:

    • Brush attaches to cordless power drill to give you an intense scrubbing
      • Saves you time and energy without sacrificing the integrity of the clean
    • Soft bristles are great for interior and carpet cleaning.
    • Measures 5" in diameter
    • Polypropylene bristles measure 1"

Drill Not Included

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