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LUCID Headlight Coating is the latest addition to the Inspiration Coating family of products. LUCID was specifically formulated for use on polycarbonate headlight lenses. Polycarbonate headlight lenses are extremely durable but they do take a beating and can benefit from a properly installed layer(s) of LUCID Headlight Coating.

Whether the lenses have been recently restored or are brand new LUCID is the foolproof solution to provide a layer of protection. The LUCID Kit includes a 30 ml bottle (enough product to do at least 10 sets of lights) and a coating applicator pad. LUCID lays down easily on the lenses. LUCID is a high solids coating perfectly paired to work on headlight lenses new or recently restored.

If lenses need restoring prior to applying LUCID we recommend a full range of sanding typically starting at 800 grit working you way up to 2500 grit. Once the lenses have been properly sanded we then complete a quick round of Headlight Restoration Compound and Headlight Restoration Polish. Prep the lights thoroughly using #C27 Paint Coating Surface Prep and then apply LUCID. If lenses are in new condition jump right to the #C27 Surface Prep Solution & #C3130 LUCID Headlight Coating installation.

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