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The Steck Easy Wedge is a useful accessory for the BigEasy Lockout Tool that helps in unlocking car doors. Just insert it through the door or window frame, and it will help in creating a controlled opening for the car door. After insertion, the wedge can be inflated to the required size to permit insertion of the BigEasy Lockout tool for unlocking your vehicle in a safe manner.

A larger version of the Easy Wedge is the Super Easy Wedge that creates a bigger opening for inserting the BigEasy Lockout Tool. With a larger wedge, the chances of damage are minimized since the force is spread over a larger surface area. Both the Easy Wedge and Super Easy Wedge are crafted from ballistic nylon so that they can perform optimally even in extreme weather conditions, without slipping.

Key Features of the Steck Easy Wedge:

  • Accessories for the BigEasy Lockout Tool for safely unlocking the vehicle
  • Allows controlled opening of the car door for inserting the BigEasy tool
  • Does not cause damage to the door
  • Made of ballistic nylon to prevent slipping in bad weather conditions
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

  • Easy Wedge Dimensions: 7″ x 7″
  • Super Easy Wedge Dimensions: 9″x 7″
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