Hide-A-Hose Replacement Wand

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Part# U1570-TOOL Hide-A-Hose Replacement Wand

3 1/4" Aluminum Detailing wand fits Thermax Hide-A-Hoses with 1 1/2" cuff.

Replacement for all DV12 and CP5 Themax models using 1 1/2" Hide-A-Hoses (solution hose runs inside the vacuum hose)


Looking For Factory Replacement Parts for Thermax AF1, CP3, CP-5 and DV-12 models you came to the right place, We have been selling Thermax Carpet Extractors and Thermax Factory Parts for over 30 years, We started as a Thermax Distributor in 1991 and have continued service and sell the commercial Thermax line since. We pride ourselves for our experience and knowledge of the outstanding Thermax Line of Commercial carpet extractors and invite you to call us if you have any questions on repairs and replacement of Parts.

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