Vaporlux VaporBlast Steamer

Style: Vaporlux Steamer
Sale price$1,295.00


Part#      VC5000 Vaporlux Steamer,   VC5010 Cart

  • Professional Grade Steamer
  • Includes All Tools
  • Power supply: 110 V-12 V at handle
  • Power requirements: 1450 W
  • Boiler capacity: 4.9 liters
  • Vapor pressure: 72 P.S.I. max
  • Special Note: Cart Sold Separately
  • Unit Weight: 21 lbs.(Empty)

Auto Detail shops and Car Washes around the country have thoroughly tested the Vaporlux VaporBlast. By cleaning cars in less time and with less water, and no chemicals, they have seen their profits dramatically increase. Excellent for detailing, removing chemicals, tar, odors and upholstery stains.

This machine is also used by home cleaning services to clean, restore and sanitize bathrooms and kitchens, as well as window cleaning, which becomes a breeze!

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